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Thank you for joining me on this journey.  I am really looking forward to this new adventure. I would like to add that this was my husband's idea. I love you honey. He is my biggest supporter, even when he is a bit hesitant, he is still supportive. He will also be one my first followers, hopefully not the only one. This is a very weird concept to me because I am not the person to think you should follow anyone but Jesus. If this helps lead you to Jesus, then by all means, follow.

I also want to add, since I have decided to try some new things in life, I have had much more peace in my soul.  I have been going through some things the past couple of years. They have just been tearing at me. To anyone who has had to listen to my grumps, I am truly sorry.

I have felt like I have this lion inside me that has been trying to roar and His mouth has been held shut, even though mine has not been. It has been quite frustrating. It has been quite the internal struggle.
I have made some decisions to seek new ways to minister and I am feeling such relief.

Praise the Lord, He is good. I serve an awesome and amazing GOD, the one and only, and He knows the plans that he has for us. His plans are always perfect and in His time.  He is always teaching patience and trust and if we are obedient we will reap the blessings and benefit of all His perfection. I love you Lord.

I am also just learning how to do this blog page so please be patient with me. My husband has been my personal editor and since he is not here, please forgive my errors in writing.

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  1. So glad to see your blog! I admire that you have taken action, that you have tried something new, and that it is for the Lord. I love the honesty in your writing and your willingness to share your struggles. That is very encouraging for other Christians. Keep it up!


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Be Still
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Hope In Him Alone!
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