My Great Provider

A family walked into a restaurant after the “dinner rush” on Friday night. They had already gone to a different restaurant two different times to get in but the wait was at least an hour. With little kids that was not going to work out. After considering a few different places they finally turned into a small Mexican restaurant. This place too, was packed but tables were clearing quickly so it looked hopeful.

While they were watching and waiting for a booth to open, the mom was trying to keep the hungry boys wrangled and the dad was searching for a restroom.  Finally, a table was cleared and the family sat down to search the menu and try to save money by skipping the kid’s meals. Craziness seemed to be whirling around the little kids. Excited to be in a new place, the littlest one kept bouncing in the booth, while the father kept trying to keep her from bouncing away. 

Does everyone notice them the parents kept wondering?  Does everyone hear them correcting their children, again? As the parents continued to be flustered with the hungry kids, a nice couple walks by and the man says with a smile, “You have good kids” and proceeded to checkout.

The mom and dad just looked at each other and life seemed to freeze for a moment. What a reminder for the parents to relax and just enjoy their time with the kids. The parents talked about how hard that is to do when you have little kids and you are in a public place. You want to make sure that your kids are being well behaved and not interrupting other peoples’ dinner.

The family finished their meal and started putting coats on to leave, hoping the waiter would then hurry with the check. A different waiter walked up and said, “Your check has already been paid, have a great evening.” Maybe he had their table mixed up with someone, the mom thought. Confused and bewildered, she was able to get out the word, “who”. The waiter said he didn't know the couple but he pointed to a table close by and said the couple that was sitting right there.

The family moved slowly out the door waiting for a camera crew to pop out from behind a tree or somewhere to say “you’re on candid camera”.  No one came, no one popped out of anywhere, everyone just smiled and said have a nice night.

Sounds like the beginning to a really great book or a movie, right? I know exactly what it felt like because this family… was mine. As we walked out of the restaurant last Friday night my husband and I said, “That doesn't happen. That only happens in the movies. What just happened? ”

We proceeded to our car and the tears were flowing from my eyes. God is good. Sometimes He overwhelms me so much that I can’t fight back the tears. We could have paid for our meal that evening, but a kind couple for some reason felt compelled to take care of it. We just sat in our car, a bit overwhelmed, my husband told our kids what had happened and said, “God is good” and we just prayed, thanking God for all His goodness and providing for us in the most unexpected ways.

2 Corinthians 9:8 And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will have all you need and plenty left over to share with others.

Look around, how has God provided for you this week in the most unexpected way?  Reflect on all His goodness and please share with us, it is always great encouragement. 

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  1. What a wonderful and amazing story! God uses people like that couple to bless others. Wow. I wonder how he could use me this week to do the same to others. Thanks Jaime!


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