The Great I AM

I have been a Christian for a long time. I became saved when I was twelve years old and literally grew up in the church. I have attended regularly since I was in my mom’s tummy. I have seen many things over the years at church. I have visited other churches as well and I am often left with the same question.

This is the same question that I have heard from people that have been new to the faith, old to the faith, and from people that would never even grace the doors of a church.

Why are Christian people so stuffy? Why does the church look and feel so sad? Why is it that you attend church and it feels so ho-hum? Why do people look like they have swallowed sour grapes?

You meet a Christian person on the street and life is a bowl of lemons. Some people have been Christians so long, they have lost their Umph. When I decided that I must surrender my life to God’s goals and His worship it was because I didn't want to be one of those people sitting in the pew week after week the rest of my life and settle for resting on Easy Street. I show up, do my good church thing for the week and move on until next week. A burning passion and love for my Lord requires me to do more. Much More.

Do we as “Christians” give Christianity a bad name? Have we forgotten who we are in Christ? Have we forgotten what He has done for us?

Every time I am in God’s Word I am convicted or restored in my faith. This article may be a gentle reminder for some and a conviction for others. Please don’t give up on it. Read it through. It is intended to get your wheels spinning and for you to see my greatest passion is for people to really see Jesus and enjoy a passionate walk with Him.

My questions are to believers. How does a Living God that brought you from the depths of your sin not set your hearts on fire? How does a God that delivered you from the bonds that had a grip on your life not excite you and make you want to sing out to His Great Name?

If you are not hearing from God
You are not listening.

If your rooms have turned dark
Turn on the light because
In Him there is no darkness

 If you feel stuck in your story
Of life you need to
Meet the Author of Life

If you feel no joy in this day
Meet the Redeemer
If you don’t hear the whispers from
The One who calls out to you
You need to meet your Creator 

If you can’t breathe in
His Love you need to
Meet His One and Only Son

If your heart is broken or aching
Meet the Great Healer

Christians of this world need more than a revival. We need Christians on their faces in reverence for the Majestic King of Kings and for the Great Lord of Lords. We need Christians with their noses in the Word of God. We need Christians with their heads bowed and eyes closed and their focus on the Living Savior.

We were made for more than simple revivals; we were made to thrive. In Him we are to have life abundantly.

Everyone is in a hurry these days. Everyone is busy rushing to soccer practice or the next dance recital. We are so busy we can’t even keep up with ourselves and the schedules that we try to maintain.

Do you wake up in the morning and hurry to hear what the Word of God is saying? Most of us wake up in the morning and we can’t wait to check our email, our text messages, or our friends’ online status. Are we rushing to make an appointment with the One who gave us our breath this morning?

Do you have the pedal to the metal to pick up your Almighty Father? Is God calling you on your personal line, is He sending you a text message?  Is that what the urgency is; is that why you keep staring at your phone?

Where is God? I can’t hear Him, I can’t see Him, I can’t feel Him. You left Him on the roadside a few years back, so if you want to jump in your car and fly to your next destination, Go pick up your God He’s right where you left Him.

In 2 Corinthians 12:9 the Lord says, “My grace is sufficient for you…” It is all you need. It is sufficient. It is enough. Are you seeking more?

If you need someone to talk to
Bow your head in prayer to your Mighty King.

If you need a great read
Open His Word

If you want a change in your life today
If you want to have a burning passion for the
One who made passion because
Nothing will ever be more satisfying

Go to the Great I AM.

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Be Still
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Hope In Him Alone!
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