Review of The Kingdom of Thrim with Giveaway

My friend, Janis Cox has written a new children’s book, The Kingdom of Thrim and I am excited to share it with you here! This book is her second as part of her Growing with God Series.

You may have read my previous post, Teaching Children the Bible, if not you can read it here. It is very important to me when choosing books for my children that contain Biblical ideas or concepts that the books don’t leave my kids with the idea that the Bible is in any way, a fairy tale.

Janis’s new book does a wonderful job of sticking to and teaching biblical truth and I appreciate that.

In Janis’s new book The Kingdom of Thrim, she teaches children the wonderful concept of asking God the path you should take and following that path no matter the cost.

Yoj, the main character, quickly came to a life decision and did not seek God in his choice. This decision leads him to a path that may have paid better but did not lead to his happiness. Once Yoj realized that money couldn’t buy happiness, his reality shifted. To find how the story of Yoj ends, you will have to read The Kingdom of Thrim.

Her talents don’t stop at the ability to teach kids the importance of following God’s lead, she is also the illustrator of this beautifully painted book.  The illustrations draw you right into the story and by the end, you are hoping that you, too, could visit or live in The Kingdom of Thrim.

The story doesn’t end there. Janis has included instructions for a sock doll, which looks so fun to make, art and building block ideas, discussion questions, and research ideas.    

This is a well-rounded book that provides a full experience into the topics of following God and the path He has for you.

Janis is a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend. Her adult career has consisted of stay-at-home-mom, small business owner, public school teacher, painter, and writer. She enjoys trying anything at least once (but maybe not bungee jumping!)

Her writing and painting careers started simultaneously and that meant dividing her time between two loves. In all of her pursuits, she has learned that practice, practice, practice is a good motto to follow.
Her love for Christ has set her feet a-dancing – literally – as she also takes tap dancing lessons.

Janis is keen to tell everyone she can about the love, healing, grace, and mercy of God. Janis has a blog ( where she writes about how reading God’s Word can change you and your life.

You can find Janis here on Facebook 
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Thank you, Janis, for sharing this book with us.
A copy of this book was provided to me for my honest review.

I am super excited to share with you the opportunity to Win a Copy of The Kingdom of Thrim by Janis Cox

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  1. Love the message of this book -- and may we all live each day as if we were a citizen of Thrim!

    1. This is a great message. Teaching our kids early the value of follow God's path over the desires of this world is tough but Janis really nailed it with this story. Thanks, Michelle for stopping by!

  2. Thank you Jaime for a wonderful review. If your readers have any questions I would love to answer them. I also have a package of 5 extended activities that will be available on my blog soon.

    1. Janis, that for mentioning that. Just send me the information and I can add it to this link anytime. Thanks again for the opportunity to share your book!

  3. I follow Janis' blog because she write beautifully.
    This is awesome.

    Good luck to everyone who entered.

    1. Oh Lux
      You made my day. Thank you.


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