Are We Too Busy? and Sitting Among Friends Blog Party #37

When life gets busy we have to ask ourselves, “Are we too busy that we aren’t able to fit God into our day?”

I am a night owl. I start working at night and before I know it the clock it telling me it is two or three in the morning. 

I have three littles at home. Time to write and really focus enough to write anything worth reading cannot happen when I have distractions.

The same goes for my time in God’s Word. I have to be able to pull away and give Him my attention.

That looks different for many people and that’s okay.

For instance, for me, my phone is not a distraction, because it is not a smart data feeding me phone. But for some that may be a distracting us. If it is buzzing every time you get a message or notification, you may need to turn it off.

The truth is, if we have the feeling we are too busy to spend time with God, as believers, we are too busy.

I mean real time where we sit at His feet, read and listen to His Word and concentrate on Him alone. If we are too busy for that we have to be careful because we are right where the Satan wants us to be.

Distracted from seeing the truth of God’s Word. The truth to walk and live by.

How do we keep from falling into that trap? We need to know the truth.
So He said to the Jews who had believed Him, "If you continue in My word, you are truly My disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."       John 8:31-32 (BSB)

Jesus was telling the Jews (and us) who believed in Him, if you want to be free, free from slavery to sin and death, you have to know the truth. The truth is found in His Word.

You may be saying, I am a believer, I am not a slave to sin. We also know that it is easy to fall back into that life, that life is a life we know. It is a life that may have comforted us. It may continue to comfort us because it is familiar.

The life of busy and distracted. That life keeps us from the truth. It keeps us from The Word.

It keeps us from listening to the Word of Life, which is Christ Jesus.
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

John tells us in his first verse. That Jesus is THE WORD. We don’t want to be kept from Him.

We so often find ourselves busy because we have a need and hunger for our time to be filled.

We also see in John 6:35 Jesus answered, "I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to Me will never hunger, and whoever believes in Me will never thirst.
As Believers, we know we want to or should want to hunger and thirst for Christ. How do we feed that hunger? Jesus answers by saying eating the bread that He has for us.

His Word.

His Truth.

Bible time may look different for many people. Again, that is okay.

Comment below and let us know what that time looks like for you. Morning, afternoon, or evening. I have even heard some moms say they go into the bathroom because it is the only place they are not sought after. 

Maybe you don’t have a designated time, yet. That is okay. Let us know what a picture of time looks like for you and let us know you want someone to encourage you with that time. I will write you on my prayer list and pray with you that time will be free.

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  1. I have carved out a specific time in my day for Bible study and prayer. It is not an obligation to me at all, Jaime. Over time, it has become my pleasure and delight. It's often the best part of my day. I know that many young wives and moms struggle to make this time, but I just wonder if they would carve out that time like they do for their children's sports activities or showering each day--non-negotiables to be sure!--would they in time come to experience it as I do? I just think they don't realize it is possible. So glad that you are making it clear how important this is. Great post, my friend!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Beth. I hope I didn't give the impression that time with God was an obligation. The more we spend time in God's Word the more we crave it. Because just as Christ said He is the Bread of Life. We need life and He provides it to us. I totally agree with you, if we looked at it as a non-negotiable or an essential part of our life we would see the need for it. Christ would flow though our day. I think about Him all day. I need Him. He is my life source. That begins with spending time with Him. I am glad you are here, Beth and as always sharing your heart and encouragement to us. Thank you, my friend!

  3. Hi Jaime, this is such a timely topic for me. While we're still in summer vaccation mode, I've been finding it more and more a challenge to consistently spend time with God. But like, you, I recognise how much I need Him. And I'm so grateful that He keeps calling me back close to His side. My ideal time is early in the morning before my children and husband get up. If I miss that time, it's anybody's guess how the day will go. Lol. Thanks for sharing your heart with us, my friend.
    Marva | sunSPARKLEshine

    1. It is hard to get out of summer vacations mode. I can't imagine when you live somewhere as beautiful as you do to ever get out of summer vacation mode. I have been diving in this summer because I have needed that meat to chew on to to encourage me through sending me kiddos back to school. This is one mamma that doesn't get excited to do that.

  4. Yes! I really do over-estimate my ability to do too many things, to fill my schedule too full, and my patient husband is very good about "reminding" me to slow down. Thanks for this emphasis on BEING rather than DOING constantly.

    1. Thank the Lord for those patient husbands. I have one of them too and Bless his heart when he is willing to keep me on track. Thanks so much for sharing with us today, Michele.

  5. This is so so timely for me because I'm aching to spend more time in the Word, but with 10 kids, no matter what time I try, I just can't seem to get any quiet time- not even in the bathroom. I would love if you could pray that God will grant me discernment in knowing when and how to find time to sit at His feet.

    1. Who can know it. Bless your big heart and we know our kids are better for it when we can pull away and spend time loving our Lord so we can love on them more. I will pray that you will be able to find that time.

  6. Really interesting. I try to read my Daily Guideposts and some other things online. I take the BART train to work and get some quiet time that way.

    The funny thing I was driving around and I saw that a local church was offering Drive Through Prayer during lunchtime.

    1. I have been reading through the book of John. I just have to say, I love God's humor and His insurmountable love for His children. John puts it so beautifully and you can tell he understood and felt the love that Christ had for him. That is too funny, Drive through prayer, thanks for sharing with us. We all need that quiet time. I am glad to hear you are grabbing it when you can.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by every week, Debbie.

  8. yes, my mentor said, if you're too busy for God you are too busy. that's that. but God understands the mom with 10 kids! xx

    1. Love it, don't you! You have to grab it when you can. We love because He first loved us. We are all better for being with Him. The more we love Him the more we are able to love others. Thanks for stopping by and encouraging our friends here!

  9. Love the daisies in your header, I'm pretty sure I've used them too in mine. Great to find another link up. I'm not sure when my God time is yet. The only time I used to be really consistent was when I was working pre children. These days with a VERY busy 3 year old and 7 week old, I'm trying to fit it in whenever I can

    1. So glad to here that Lizzy and so glad you are here sharing with us. I hope to see you come again. I know those late nights and in the middle of the nights are tough. One way I got through them was to sing praise music in the middle of the night. There is nothing sweeter then praising God over my baby in the middle of the night and watching their sweet little angel faces as they sleep. You enjoy this time!

  10. I appreciate your messages each week, thank you.
    And also thank you Jaime for the party.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend

    1. Thanks so much, Karren, I do appreciate the encouragement. I am glad that you are here and I love connecting with you each week at your space.

  11. For years I read my Bible last thing at night before going to bed, then I decided to make it one or the first things in the morning. I drink my Kombucha tea, grab a cup of coffee and pull up e-sword on my computer. It is a wonderful free site for reading your Bible. Most people on Face book can only handle a few Scripture verses, so I select meaningful verses from my reading and post them on Face-Book. Next day I re-read that chapter and post other verses. I verbally pray and sing in my yard as I take our dogs outside every couple hours. On Wednesdays I present a short lesson to go with our prayer meeting, and it is amazing that usually I do not receive advance notice from the Holy Spirit what to share until Tuesday. Some of those who attend are new believers and the lesson is usually something they can grab onto. Thank you for sharing your lovely site with us here at Tell me a Story.

    1. Beautiful, Hazel. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. I loved reading this comment. I love that you are a servant of the Lord and continue to build up new believers in the Word. That is exciting to see someone help new believers in their walk and journey to the next season of life. You have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Hi Jaime,
    It truly is so easy to slip back into being a slave to sin. It's all about picking up that armor every day and that includes picking up our Bibles and reading His Word. The busyness of life wants to push it out. This morning I overslept and bolted up in full speed to get my kiddos all to school on time so I didn't get my time in the Word. I could sense the difference all day!

    Thanks for blessing me so!

  13. Busyness—we can all relate. I think as a writer, the greatest danger for me is to "slot" my time with God in between other reading/ writing things on my to-do list. Time with God shouldn't be just another thing... it should be THE thing for me. Thanks for this reminder :) Stopping by from #ThoughtProvokingThursday


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