Time for Loving Our Lord! & Sitting Among Friends Blog Party #38

I just have to say, I have some really amazing blogger friends. If you have not had the opportunity to visit their sites during the weekly linkup, find your way down this page and check out some of their posts.

I have had the pleasure to be in the presence of people who love the Lord and are passionate about sharing Jesus with as many people as they can.

Last week, I asked them to help me out with this post. 

In fact ,I had such a great response from them, we will get to enjoy more next week. I don’t want you to miss any of their responses.

If you missed my post last week titled, “Are You Too Busy”, you can read it here. 

Last week’s post stemmed these thoughts. We come before the Lord in so many ways. We sometimes feel the pressure to “get it right”.  What are real people doing for their Bible Study?

They have answered those questions here and I am thrilled to share their hearts with you here. We are talking real moms, real women of faith with a real passion for loving the Lord.

You will find great tips and honest hearts. I am sure you will be blessed by their responses. I know I certainly have.

To relieve some pressure right away, there are many ways to come before the Lord and spend time with Him. The key is a willing heart. 

We have to remember, God desires us. He desires our hearts. He wants a relationship with us. He created us to be in community with Him.

If you don’t know where to start, start there. A willing heart ready to be in communion with Christ.

Now sharing their heart and passion for the Word, here are some dear women to share their walk in the Word with you.

About a dozen years ago, our family went through a crisis. My Bible became a lifeline. I read through from Genesis to Revelation in just a few months. God used His Word to carry me through that difficult time and gave me a passion for spending time with Him. I continue to grab my Bible and prayer journal each morning and enjoy the blessing of His strength and indescribable peace. 

I know my time with Him has certainly changed as seasons have changed.
My heart is to align my thoughts with God's and allow His grace to fill and overflow through me so I bookend my day with His Word. Reading a chapter first thing sets the course for my day, and reading The One Year Bible helps me sleep at night. I dive deeper with the First 5 app and the Life Application Bible, which have both helped me apply God's Word to my every day.

I have carved out a specific time in my day for Bible study and prayer. It is not an obligation to me at all, Jaime. Over time, it has become my pleasure and delight. It's often the best part of my day.
I know that many young wives and moms struggle to make this time, but I just wonder if they would carve out that time like they do for their children's sports activities or showering each day--non-negotiables to be sure!--would they in time come to experience it as I do? I just think they don't realize it is possible.

I love getting up before everyone else in the house. 
Coffee first.

Then, notebook, Bible, pen, and a few moments looking up just one verse each morning. I'm going through my concordance and studying one word/concept each week.

This week's word - "Encouragement."

Next, I spend a little time in a Bible study book. Working through "Lord, I Want to Know You.” Finally, I spend time praying in the prayer closet. Love to have this solo time with just me and Jesus.

I really value my devotional time since it helps me be grounded and prepared for each day.  

Ideally, my time in the Word happens early in the morning (about 5:00 a.m.) before my husband and children get up. It's my time to be alone with God before the pressures of the day creep in. I use the phrase "first things first" to remind me that my time with God should come before anything else. Of course, life happens and I'm not always as consistent as I'd like but I long for those times to simply be renewed by His spirit. Without time with my Father, I'm like that grass blowing in the wind, tossed back and forth. But I love how God continues to call me back close to His side, because He knows how much I need to be strengthened by Him. 

Every morning I study something biblically related. Often it is Oswald Chambers, but also includes a quote a day book, UBC daily devotional, Jesus Calling and others. I try to study a Bible study even when I am not in a group. I just finished Lord, Only You Can Change Me, an excellent study by Kay Arthur. I am starting Daniel by Laura Davis next.

It's the only way to properly start my day. I have been getting up early since I asked God to wake me up. I never set an alarm.

You must make it a discipline - something you have to do each day - otherwise it is very easy to get taken away and not do it. I try to not let social media and email interfere with this time. But it doesn’t always work. I need more discipline in this area.

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You all are amazing writers who share DIY's, Recipes, Photos, Giveaways, Homeschool and Family and Faith. Many of you have amazing journeys of faith and I praise the Lord we are able to connect here! 

Friends are here to encourage and challenge us in our walk of life, so enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for the linkup Jaime. I have learnt from everyone here today. Yes Beth it's possible! As Crystal says there are seasonal changes, getting up before everyone does as Melanie said works but many times i am last to sleep....wake up at night then sleep back early hours! It's tiring when your hands are full.
    I can relate with Marva, in being inconsistent but as Janis said let's Make it a disciple and the Holy Spirit would wake us up without Need for an alarm.
    Thank you ladies. I enjoyed this Jamie

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my thoughts as well as so many others who know what a delight it is to read and study our Bibles, Jaime. I am so glad you've shared this post because I'm gleaning some new ideas on how others are studying God's word. Lots of great ideas! And thanks for the linkup, my friend!

  3. Jaime, I loved reading what everyone had to say. Thank you for including me. Love for God's Word is powerful. Whatever time of the day it blesses every area and every moment of life. Blessings and hugs!!

  4. Jaime enjoyed reading through all the powerful thoughts today.

    Thanks so much for the link-up. Have a blessed week. xoxo

  5. Jamie, Thank you so much for hosting such a great link up! It's refreshing hearing the different ways that other women have quiet time with the Lord.

  6. Jaime, thank you for including me in this! : ) What a delight to get a peek into how others spend their time with Jesus. Such encouraging and grace-filled responses. Sweet blessings to you, friend. : )

  7. Thanks for hosting and I always learn something here.

  8. I loved hearing how everyone is getting into the word! There's no wrong way- and we all seem to have our own unique way that the spirit ministers to us through devotions or themes... This was lovely. Thank you as always for being our gracious host Jaime ♥

  9. Jaime, thanks for hosting and for allowing your friends to share. I already follow their blogs, but enjoyed hearing about their personal devotional time. Great advice. I downloaded Crystal's recommended First 5 app. Have a great week!

    1. Oh, Donna, you will love the First 5 app! It is such a great way to dive deeper and gain insights into God's Word. : )

  10. Jaime,
    What a fantastic project! So many of these women are ones I adore! I was so bummed I couldn't respond on time! I keep thinking life will slow down, but it seems this is my season for extra "stuff"! I'm pinning and tweeting this for sure though!!!!

  11. Thanks for this wonderful look at how to keep the Lord first and foremost in our lives. I appreciate the chance to give you my thoughts.

  12. Hey Jaime,
    Thank you for including me in this post! Love the topic! Love what was shared!
    You bless me,


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