Walking with Christ & Sitting Among Friends Blog Party #39

When I started Sitting Among Friends, I had this idea of friends sitting together and talking about Jesus (one of my favorite things to do).

We would learn from each other and encourage and strengthen one another to walk closer with Him. These last two weeks have been a great opportunity for friends to gather and do just that. Last week, we took Time for Loving Our Lord with a great group of women, you won't want to miss reading their ideas!

One thing I hope you take away from this is our time with God can look very different, the key factor is showing up and laying our hearts at His feet.

This week, I have more amazing Bible reading and study tips from these lovely ladies. I am sure you will love reading them as much as I did. 

Let me know in the comments if there are any study tips that you may be incorporating or ones you already do that we may not have mentioned.
If you missed tips and encouragement from my friends last week you can read it here. E Enjoy!

My time in God's Word is what keeps me afloat. When that time suffers, I begin to sink. I've needed to be creative at times because the seasons of life change and as we transition into new ones, old habits no longer worked. Although I do love to have a few minutes of prayer or time reading the Bible when I first wake up, it is a difficult feat for me because I am not a morning person. At all! I think it's so important to keep God's Word woven into the fabric of our days. Not as an isolated event, but as something we get bits and pieces of all day long. Whether it's worship music in my ear buds, a Biblically based podcast in my car, or curled up in my comfy chair with Bible in hand, His truth and hope hold my thoughts captive. 

Most mornings, with coffee, I begin with Boa’s Face To Face - scripture written in the first person - and journal/pray through the scriptures listed by the day. They cover 3 months so I begin all over again every 3 months. Always fresh. I highlight things to blog or write about later and categorize by topics - H for hospitality, C for Creator God - or whatever God is laying on my heart.

It’s a beautimous habit, oil for my spirit, water for my heart, instruction for my mind, a conviction for my waywardness, and connection for my relationship with God who made us for that very thing.

It’s usually around 7 am in my green quiet time chair in the front room. 
Get a retreat in a basket ready so you can pick up your quiet time supplies and move on a dime when your room doesn’t work any particular day: include what you need: Kleenex, pen, paper, journal, Bibles, devo books, notecards, and a list pad for your to do list - our to do’s interrupt us - so write it down, and leave it for later.

Without it, I don’t have much to give anyone else. Ministry is spillage. That means I need to fill up on a regular basis.

I rarely use a radio in the car because when I’m alone I use it for communing with God about my day. Of course, it’s hard for those for little kids - it’s even harder to get up earlier than little people. So give yourself a pass, but when alone, go to God first, even for 5 minutes. 

Wow, I'm so happy to weigh in on this topic because my quiet time with God and the truth He brings to my heart through His Word are the only reason why I would ever consider blogging or teaching, because my own wisdom is pretty thin under the best of circumstances, so here are my thoughts, and I hope they are helpful.  

My time in the Word has changed over the years in respond to changes in my family. Before children, I kept my Bible, notebook, and any reference materials in a lovely basket -- with a shawl and all my special pens, so it was a cozy thing that I loved.  This worked very well until my first child became mobile. 

During the toddler years, I found that I could keep an eye on all four boys if I stationed myself at the dining room table where I could see and hear all.  Although I missed the quiet intimacy of early mornings, I felt (and still feel) that my mornings need to be kept free for interacting with my husband before he leaves for work.  What I have received from that "sacrifice" has been the gift of modeling for my children the truth that time in the Word is a regular part of my day. 

Homeschooling four boys, I learned to keep a bag packed with everything I needed to read, study, and review Scripture memory, so the mini-van became my "Tabernacle" -- it moved, right?  I can meet with the Lord as I wait for a piano lesson or sit in the Middle School parking lot during a rehearsal.  

Planning for flexibility has made all the difference for me and has made it possible for God's Truth to be both center and circumference for me.

I spend time in the word whenever it is the quietest in my house. I find that if I try to read the Bible while my kids are up and about, I just get frustrated because of interruptions and in turn get upset with them. I try to get up early while all are sleeping or wait until they are in bed. Sometimes I will let them watch a show so I can retreat to my bedroom to read.

I absolutely love spending time in the word because I feel so alive; I feel like it is what I was meant to do. The more time I spend with Him, the more I long for it. It truly is the joy of my life. 

I usually study the Bible in my bedroom, probably because it is my own quiet place of solitude. I've become used to it, and now it is just my favorite place. Just heading there to do my devotions is uplifting to me.

My time with God is absolutely essential. It renews my mind each day so that I can live the way he wants me to live. It gives me purpose and sets my mind toward heavenly things instead of earthly ones. It is so easy to get caught up in worldly values, and God's word shows me that only He matters. Studying His word also gives me a peace that the world can't give; it relieves my anxieties because I remember I can trust in Him. Sitting in His presence is the greatest blessing to me.

A tip for quiet time: Sometimes I'm not sure exactly where to start reading in my Bible, so in those cases, I normally turn to the Psalms. Every time I read in that book, I am amazed by who God is, and most often I can relate to the struggles that the author is having. I love the pure honesty of the Psalms. I see the greatness of God and how we are free to bring all of our thoughts to him, no matter what they are.

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  1. Replies
    1. Glad you are here, Debbie! I look forward t0 more posts next week!

  2. Jaime, what a blessing these posts have been -- I'm always interested in knowing what others are doing with their devotional time. Thanks for sharing my thoughts here. Trusting that they will add to the choir and be a helpful addition to your readers' lives.

    1. I am very encouraged to hear that, Michelle, and glad that you have been a contribution to making it such a blessing to so many. You have certainly added to the choir, I had to add that, I love that sentiment. Have a wonderful week!

  3. Thanks for fleshing out more of what it means to meet with God, Jaime, through the thoughts and practices of these fine ladies. It's always fun and helpful to hear what others do for their sacred rituals. Thanks also for the linkup, my friend!

    1. I am with you, Beth. It is fun to hear what other people are doing. What they may be able to add to our daily worship and praise, who knows the extent. All praise to God! Thanks for sharing with us every week, friend!

  4. Jaime, thanks for hosting and for giving us a glimpse of what works for others in their quiet time. I have loved all the suggestions. Two things have stood out to me, One, the fact that when we as women love God we figure out what works, whether it's the dining room table with 4 little ones running around as Michele said or retreating to the bedroom like Jill. The second, it the need to be flexible as our seasons in life change. I love the idea of the "tabernacle" mini-van, Michele, and Lori's "retreat basket." Thanks for sharing all of you!

    1. Yes, Donna. It looks so different for all of us because as my grandma always reminds me, God meets us where we are. We are all on different paths with Him and go through those paths at different stages of grace. I love that about God. He takes us where we are and makes us more like Him there. Thanks so much for giving your wisdom to us each week.

  5. Jaime, thank you as always for all your hard work in giving us this time together and, yes, we are sitting among friends. I love coming here and visiting and thank you for the beautiful, godly ladies you featured this week. Love hearing about their study times.

    1. That is so kind, Debbie. I do appreciate that. I was very excited reading each of their responses. It is always encouraging that no matter what Bible time looks like, when it comes from the heart, it is so beautiful. Glad you're here, friend!

  6. I love seeing how others find the time to be alone with God. I have 5 kids and one of them is a very attached 2 year old. He seems to know when mom is planning to wake up early, because he will wake up within 5 minutes on those mornings.
    I've decided that God gives me grace during this season, to do my best and find Him most in the moments I'm not expecting too.

    1. Oh momma, bless you and your heart. Waking up early doesn't ever seem to be an option to a busy mom. Those kiddos have that sense of mom is up and ready to go. I have a middle guy that is like that. There have been days where he is laying next to me and I pretend to sleep just to have that quiet time and so he will not wake up. You have a blessed weekend, my friend! I will be praying for you.

  7. thanks for your life-giving focus to send us always to the Word and God's welcoming heart. have a great day!

    1. Thanks so much, Sue and thanks for your contributions to encourage other to dive in a be in God's Word! Glad you're here!

  8. Jaime, I share your passion about The Word and its relevancy in our everyday lives! Thank you for the linkup.

    1. So glad to hear your passion for God's Word. It is life sustaining! Thanks for sharing with us here, friend!

  9. Jaime, Thank you for hosting the party and for sharing your heart for The Word.

  10. Michelle's "moving" tabernacle mini-van! What a hoot! Thanks so much for sharing all the different ways to get in the word through the stories from our sisters in Christ. xo

  11. Thanks so much for including me, Jaime! I love that you are doing this! Often there is so much pressure on women to do Jesus time the "right" way. I love this because it shows us that our time with Jesus is just as unique as our relationship with Him! Thanks so much for hosting this beautiful place to hang out each week!

  12. Good morning Jaime, I wanted to drop by and thank you for your blog and for sharing on Oh My Heartsie Girl, I always gain much and am inspired by you and your readers. I am finding myself these days in quiet prayer with so much going in right now. I enjoyed reading your readers story and your inspiration.

  13. Jaime, I love this feature -- peeking into others' quiet times. Thanks for sharing! : )


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