We Are Victorious! and Sitting Among Friends Blog Party #36

I had asked my oldest son to take a bike ride with me. He was eager to go until we began the trek and he realized that the route we were taking required him to go up a hill to get home.

Where we live, no matter what route we take, we have to go uphill to get back home. It is a three to four block steep climb.

Immediately, he tried to make an alternate plan. Riding just a short distance or down the street and back. The fact that he had gone this way before didn’t help at all. He had felt defeated before we even began.

I told him he could go home and go a different time. His heart was telling him to go, but the road ahead was hard and exhausting.

I understand. I have been in his position many times in my life.

I know with my Christian walk and ministry I have faced the same issues. As a Christian, I am sure you know this journey all too well.

There have been times, I thought following Jesus was supposed to be easy. As long as I was doing what I thought Christ had called me to do, there should have been a free pass or an express lane.

The exact opposite of that has been true. In the past, every time I would begin a new bible study, it seemed my house would fall apart.

I would wonder, am I not doing what God has called me to do? I am going out and ministering to women and here I am, I can’t keep my own life together. I am a mess. And the doubt of getting up the hill began to settle in.

Friends, that is a lie that the enemy wants you to believe. You do not have to be perfect to serve Christ. Paul tells us in Philippians 1:6 For I am confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will continue to perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.  

Our perfection is being made through Christ. It is being made through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The battles of the road ahead and the steep inclines can cause us to waiver and retreat if we are not careful. If we try to take the safe road and not the route that is going to make us stronger, we will not learn to persevere and see the victories we have in Christ. 
But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus--the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God. Acts 20:24

Our task it to tell others the Good News of the Gospel. So on that day that we meet Him face to face, we can rejoice in the race we have finished because of the wonderful grace God has granted us.

I am often reminded when I hear someone, including myself, grumble about the difficulties of the Christian walk of this verse from Matthew.

Then Jesus said to his disciples, "Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. Matthew 16:24
Christ understood that denying of ourselves or turning from our selfish ways had to be the hardest thing we could do because that is exactly what He has called us to do to follow Him. 

Being a Christian was never intended to be easy. It was an uphill climb. It was to be a trek to the finish that made us work harder and become stronger.  

Feeling stuck at the bottom of the hill?

Don’t lose heart! Now is the time to rejoice! Matthew also tells us: But the one who perseveres to the end will be saved. Matthew 24:13

Climb that hill. Take those steps. Do the tasks you have been called to do until that day…

Victory, my friends, is Ours!  
Who we are in Christ, is Victorious!

We can know where the road leads. We can know that in Christ Jesus we are being made complete. Someday, in all of our fullness, this road will be the one that leads us home!


I am so glad you are here today.

If you are not sure about your salvation in Christ, please contact me. I would love to have this chat with you.  Don’t wait another day. I want you to know the victory and hope that you can have in Jesus!

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  1. I really needed your upbeat and encouraging message today, Jaime. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle. I am glad you are here.

  2. I attended church for the first time in years on Sunday. The enemy attached that afternoon and boy did it take me for a loop. Glad to know I"m not alone in the thoughts you expressed.

    1. I am glad to hear you made the decision to go. I know it has been on your heart and you have been in my prayers. The enemy knows where he can get it. Sadly, we are not as complicated as we think. Don't let that sidetrack you what what you have had on your heart. The lies are not from God. He has only come to set you free. Amen! Glad you stopped by this week and thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Laughing at a free pass on the express lane. Sometimes those hills are hard, but oh how rewarding as we ride back down.

    Enjoyed your words this morning.

    Thanks for the link-up.

    1. The blessings God has waiting for us after the climb are totally worth it. The journey with my little guy was certainly worth the bike trip. Glad you are here, Debbie. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Agreed, Jaime! Life is full of these kinds of challenges, but with Christ's strength in us, we can climb that big and daunting hill. Thanks for the inspiring truth today and for hosting the linkup, my friend!

    1. Christ's strength in us. I think many Christians think the power is reserved for God. But He is in us and is willing to give s the power we need to accomplish the task. Thanks for stopping ev every week to share your posts with us here, Beth.

  5. So good Jaime! Your post was encouraging to me today! So glad that God renews our strength and gives us power every time we ask for it!
    Thanks for hosting the linkup!
    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you much, friend! I appreciate you sharing this post on your social media. I am glad you are here and I appreciate the encouragement. So glad God renews our strength and He knows when to draw us near.

  6. Thank you Jaime, for hosting and sharing my WW party as well on FB.
    I hope you have a wonderful safe week!

    1. Happy to be sharing your page. It is full of inspirational posts to get out creative juices flowing. Have a great week, Karren!

  7. What a great message. I needed to hear that today. Thank you very much

    1. I am glad to hear that Patrick, it is great encouragement to my heart. Thanks so much for sharing with us here every week!

  8. What an encouraging post, Jaime! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Blessings to you!

  9. Thank you for the feature Jaime! Made my day...

  10. Our eternity is the most important thing to be sure of. Amen. Thanks for the linkup.

  11. Your post is so timely- our theme this month at church has been perseverance and victory...And how true that the safe road will never make us stronger. Thanks as always for hosting us Jaime!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing at Together on Tuesdays :)

  13. I hear those same lies, Jaime! I used to spend way too much time entertaining them,too! I'm still not where I would like to be in replacing the lies with Truth, but I am so very thankful for how far I have come! I'm also thankful for you!!!♥


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