Hope When Life Hurts Most and Sitting Among Friends #48

Thank you for join me for this mini-series honoring mothers and father for National Pregnancy Loss and Miscarriage month. If you have missed any of the posts in this series you can find them here. 
An Unexplained Loss, It's Time to Surrender, and My Garden Prayer

So often we want to be in the Lord’s will meaning we want God to do what we want Him to do for our benefit.

As I was on my knees before the Lord, I said, “Lord, not my will but yours be done.” I had never prayed in this manner before and never thought I would be praying this over the lives of my babies.

But here I was, seeking the Lord’s absolute will and only asking for the peace that only He can give.

We can ask a lot of questions and He may be willing to give us answers but sometimes our why or why not are to understand that God is Sovereign.  That He rules and reigns over all.

He wants us to know that with all of the modern technology, there are not always definitive answers and with all of the modern technology, God’s decides the beating of a heart.

Why? Because Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and the man became a living being. Genesis 2:7

The LORD breathed into man the breath of life and through the life of Job we are reminded And he said, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return. The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.” Job 1:21

The Lord decides when to give life and He decides when to take it away.
I promised the Lord one thing that day. No matter what, I will love you.

And I do. With all my heart and not because he gave me what my heart desired but because He rescued me from myself through it all.

I had been the prodigal daughter and He was waiting with open arms for me to come running to Him and He knew what it would take. This was it.

A couple of weeks ago as my kids and I were driving on our way to school, they asked me, “Mommy, why did the babies die? (Keep in mind this is going on eight years ago. But they know they have a brother, sister and another baby in heaven.)

I told them it was because God wanted them in heaven with Him. Why they wanted to know. My only response, Because He wanted me back more.

I don’t know God’s plans for my life. I don’t pretend to know what it is that God processes or thinks. His ways are higher than mine and I praise Him for that.

What I do know is that when God loses one of His children. When the Good Shepherd has lost one of His sheep. He will go after them. Sometimes in ways that are beyond our comprehension.

Being the Good Good Father that He is, it is for His glory and for His kingdom gain.

I can tell you, had my life not been affected in this drastic way, I probably would not be sitting here today with you.

Although some questions are never answered, we can walk in faith that God Knows and it goes according to His plan. We can trust that all things flow from His goodness.

To answer some of my questions, He did. 

Why? Because He is sovereign. He is above all and in control of all and even when it all seems to be falling completely apart, He holds life in the palm of His hand.

Why? Because He has us sketched in the palm of His hand and no one, not even ourselves, will snatch us away.

Why? Because His plans for us are to draw near to Him where we can be protected and lead to walk in His path so we can know the great Love that He has for us in every situation.

Would I get to hold their little hands and kiss their sweet little feet? No. In fact, I wouldn’t get to see them at all. Their handprints and footprints were given to me right after they were delivered. You wouldn’t believe how small and oh so perfect they are.

We named our little boy Noah and our little girl Faith. The week I had to “think it all over” gave me a chance to process some of what happened.

What I have are the memories held together by the peace of God that has surpassed all of my understanding. The memories of what God did for me so I would know how to praise Him through it all and to love Him no matter the circumstance surrounding my day.

Their lives were fragile. All life is fragile and precious and we should look at each day as the gift that God meant it to be. We should live for praising God in this moment and leave tomorrow to deal with itself.

Noah and Faith have been the rainbow at the end of the rainy day that brought me back God.

I would love to say it was that easy. One week and that was it. Like everything we are a process in which God needs to work in our lives.  Although God worked mightily in that week, I am still learning what God wants to teach me. 

The important part is I am learning with Him by my side.

Your story may not be anything like mine. But God can work in the same way.

God can give us peace when life is beyond our comprehension. He can give us life when we are threatened with throwing it all away to be more like this world.

He can stop us in our tracks to get our attention and reroute our current path.

No matter what, we can be assured of this, God loves us very much and in this world, we will have trouble but in Christ Jesus and what He did on the cross we can have hope and peace.

We can have hope in the midst of our circumstances, heartbreaks, trials, daily lives and most importantly when life hurts the most. 

Christ died so that we may live and live this life to the fullest. We get so much grace and mercy poured out on us that we can have an overflow to pour out onto others.

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Many blessings to you and the rest of your week. 

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  1. Well, knock me over with the proverbial feather!!! Almost made me choke on my morning cuppa when I saw my name and photo!!!! What a high and holy privilege and honor to be featured. I have been eyebrow-deep in the Gospel of John this month as I do #write31days, exploring 31 profiles of Jesus - my love for Him has multiplied. Jesus - why would anyone want to say NO to Him? I love Him so. Jaime, thank you so much - your words are such an encouragement. I'm sure I said "so" too many times in this comment but I'm not going to edit them out! xo

    1. Susan I'm with you eyebrow-deep and behind on 31 days after a weekend trip and now a death this week. So glad to see you featured.

    2. Susan, my friend, it is always good to see your smile!

    3. Susan, I was SO excited to see you featured here this week! Thank you for sharing your 31 profiles of Jesus with us as you do #write31days. I am SO enjoying them! Keep writing, smiling, and encouraging others, my friend!

    4. Susan, I am absolutely delighted to have you here every week. We are truly blessed to get to be a part of it. You can see here you have some big supporters. Thanks so much again for Sitting Down with us as friends each and every week!

  2. Jaime it was years when my kids were teenagers that I finally sit in church at a prayer meeting one night and another couple had just miscarried and we were crying with them that God pricked my heart and I could thank Him for my miscarriages (about 6 of them). I realized that the two precious kids I had, who went through their teenage years with no issues perhaps because of our great love for them and the wait, would never had been had I not walked through that pain. Oh sweet friend I would walk through it again to be where I am today in life with two in their 30s and the two grandsons I've been blessed with.

    Thank you for this place to come and refresh each week with friends.

  3. Your experience and the way God has taught you through it is such a beautiful example of His sovereignty and your humble acceptance of it. Our cobbled-together omniscience is no comfort when huge loss happens.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for telling your story, for using your pain to point to God's plan. He is so good to us, especially in the midst of loss. My kids often ask about their sibling in heaven, lost too soon in the pregnancy to know if they were a boy or girl. Guess I'll have a great surprise one day!

  5. Thank you for unpacking the pain you've lived through in the loss of your precious babies, Jaime. That must be such a painful thing to do. But you always point us to Christ and trusting Him in the middle of every trial. You've certainly earned the right to say those things with such compelling conviction. Thanks also for the linkup, my friend!

  6. He is sovereign, and He does have us sketched in the palm of his hand! Jaime, your story is a true picture of God healing and using pain to bring hope and peace to so many! Thank you for sharing and pointing us all toward the One who hold all of our life safely in his hands. And thanks for the link-up!

  7. Your first sentence got me; I am so guilty of wanting God's will as long as it is my way. I appreciate your honesty in this post, it is so hard to understand God's plan sometimes. Thanks for hosting this link-up.

  8. Jaime- Your story encourages us all! So glad you shared it! So glad that God brought you here so you can minister to us the truths and experiences you've learned!

  9. Love susan - she is a great encourager!! You, as well, Miss Jamie!

  10. Thank you for sharing your story. Sometimes I wonder about God's will but God knows better than me.

    Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  11. What a beautiful testimony in the midst of great loss. I kept thinking of Acts 17.26-27 as I read your story. Pinning and sharing!

    1. From one man He made every nation of men, to inhabit the whole earth; and He determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their lands.
      God intended that they would seek Him and perhaps reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us. Acts 17:26-27
      Such great encouragement! God intended for us to seek Him even though He is not far from us. I do love to be encouraged through God's Word. Thank you so much, Donna!

  12. Thank you, Jaime, for pointing us to the hope we have in Christ over and over again. I always know that I can come here and leave with a filled heart. You are so brave to share your story. Each week, processing the memories, it is sure to trigger moments of pain. Thank you for that sacrifice so that others may see the Jesus you know!

    Hugs, my friend,


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