Joy In The Moment

Sometimes we get consumed by our busyness and forget to look at the "little blessings" God gives us in our lives. Let's celebrate those moments before they slip away and out of our memory. 
Check back regularly for new joyous moments. 
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  • While cleaning up a honey mess on the floor, my little guy says, "Mom, you're beautiful." It made the mess a little more sweet! Being a Mom is sometimes sticky and sometimes sweet at the same time.

  • My little girl fell and got a big scratch on her face. We prayed and several days later, she said amazed and feeling her cheek,
    "Momma, God heard our prayers."

  • My kiddos not wanting to go back to school because they want to stay home with me. 

  • When my little girl whispers in my ear, "Mommy, I have something to tell you. I love you!"

  • My little guy got glasses. Story to follow. Tears of happiness from this momma.

  • Seeing my sweet little kids faces as they sing at their Christmas concert at school.

  • Having my children's faces light up when I show up at their school for a school party. I am grateful that I have those opportunities. 

  • Celebrating another birthday party, especially my parents,  Just means another day with them.

  • Seeing my Dad and my brother work together again. They are roofing a house. It makes my dad really happy to have my brother here.

  • Hearing the sound of my children happily playing together. Such Love. And sometimes such aggravation.  Real-Life learning.

  • Seeing my little guy so excited and scared to be losing his first tooth. Love that at some point everything is new.

  • Being in the presence of on amazing bunch of Women being taught God's Word by an amazing bunch of Women. Loved the Women of Faith Farewell Loved Tour. 

  • A new year of Bible study and digging into God's Word with some amazing women.

  • Knowing your kids love school. Love their teachers and are making friends.

  • Getting the biggest hug from you little ones when you have been gone for even a few moments.

  • Picking my guy up from school and seeing the smile on his face because he loved his first day. 

  • Spending time away from "life" on vacation with my family. I love taking time to do new with no rushing and just hanging out with no time restraints.

  • Sharing with new people the Word of God and what impact it has had on my life. I love having conversations about my best friend, Jesus Christ. I have been so encouraged by the sharing and the conversations I have had with many people. You don't realize what a blessing you have been to me. It has truly been Joyfilled Moments.

  • When my kids wait up for me to come home to give me a kiss and tell me goodnight before they go to sleep.

  • When my little guy says he wants to live with me forever.

  • Running through the fountain with my sons and nephew. It was really cold!

  • Going to dinner for a girl's night out with my favorite girls (mom, grandma, aunt, sister, and long-time friend of grandma's). Laughing our silly heads off and taking pictures with broccoli in our teeth. No I won't post them.

  • Spending time with nephews and soaking up every moment I can with them before they return home.

  • Snuggling in with my kids as I read them a bedtime story and then snuggling them to sleep.

  • Telling my little guy I signed him up for preschool. It got a running jump hug.

  • Being cheered for when I won a prize at the carnival. Followed by shouts of "My mommy is a winner!"

  • Watching my little guy smile from ear to ear just to go round and round on the carousel. Enjoying every moment!

  • Writing about God's Word and sharing about His awesomeness. I am praying for you today that you will be touched by His Word.

  • When I walk through a parking lot and my little guy wants to hold my hand and kiss me as we walk into the store.

  • When my guy high fives me as he beats me for the third time at Chutes and Ladders.

  • When my kids laugh because they are having fun at the county fair and are sticky everywhere from the cotton candy.

  • Sitting with my Women's Bible study group and laughing over this weeks lesson. We are studying the life of David. I love be surrounded by a group of God-loving women.

  • When the officer that pulled us over for speeding, "Oops", reminded us to slow down because we are carrying precious cargo. And showed mercy by giving us a warning.


  1. I love the "My mommy is a winner!" comment! God blesses us so much with the sweet love of our children.

    1. I am sure with your little darlings you have lots of Joyous moments. Thanks for stopping by friend.

  2. I like this little grateful many things to be joyous about if we only take the time to look. Keep adding

    1. I love going back and reading them over. They make me smile deep down in my heart.

  3. Everyone has these beautiful moments, I just didn't want to miss mine.

  4. Enjoying your grateful diary. We are grateful for sun puddles!

    1. Thank you so much and thank you for sharing you grateful moment. It really made me smile to see your response!

  5. So, so cute. Thank you Jaime for this inspiration.


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